Educational & Leadership Consultation

School Systems 

Optimize the performance of your organization and inspire your workforce with our educational consultation. We can help you create the right learning environment for your students; one that motivates and supports them to reach for their dreams and fulfill their potential.

Some of the areas we cover are:

  • Advising in the development of school policies, regulations, and procedures
  • Design and development of school systems
  • Educational management consultation
  • Increasing the efficiency and motivation of your staff
  • Developing extra-curricular and community outreach programs
  • Creating evaluation standards to monitor and measure your success
  • Finding problem areas and their solutions
  • Building efficient communication systems
  • Student Leadership and character education


Youth & Student Leadership & Development

We help your organization (non-governmental or academic) empower and support youth. Set the youth of today on the path to meet their own needs and goals, and contribute to their societies.  By offering them the support, opportunities, and quality education they need to become student and youth leaders, you can enhance youth development at the school and community levels. Guide the leaders of tomorrow in helping themselves and others by leading a life of purpose.

We can assist you by designing, implementing, and monitoring:

  • Life-skills based education curricula
  • Character education programs
  • Student leadership initiatives and departments
  • Youth centered environments

We also provide workshops and training modules for teachers, staff, and students. Click here to read more.


We undertake a number of professional research and research related activities for NGOs and educational institutions. These include compiling proposals, manuals, and guidelines, as well as conducting academic literature reviews on chosen topics.