Life Skills & Character Building For Youngsters

Character building begins very early in life. Young people need proper training in life skills and leadership to become capable individuals. Beyond Learning’s professional camps and programs for youngsters educate through fun and new experiences. We cultivate their skills, knowledge, and attitudes to get them involved in the community, and keep them safe and smiling.

Loompaland Summer Camp

The first of its kind in Lebanon, Loompaland Summer camp allows young people (aged 4-12) to build their character and leadership capacities in 4 weeks. At Loompaland we learn to be valuable members of the community, stay fit, explore our interests, gain life skills, camp, play with others, and make friends. Our professional and enthusiastic educators (we lovingly refer to them as Loompas) help your children (the Oompas) with the ‘5 areas of growth and development’: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and existential. The program is based on 6 core ethical values; respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and citizenship. Loompaland Summer camp is very organized, safe, and affordable.

Sindibad Winter & Spring Programs

We host the Sindibad 7-day winter voyage during the winter vacation and the 4-day Sindibad Spring voyage during the Easter break for youngsters between 4 and 12 years old. The Sindibad winter program teaches life skills and builds character with fun activities, keeping the young ones busy while benefiting their personal growth. Sindibad’s spring program is tailored to teach survival and outdoor skills, and inspire your kids to be active and live with purpose in a fun and safe environment.

At Beyond Learning we believe that parents are our partners, and we collaborate with them to create the best possible experience for our young learners.

Join our community. Take part in lots of fun activities and meet parents, educators, our Loompas, and the team in a great atmosphere.  We’d love to meet you and your family.

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We host this leadership and teamwork boot camp for youth, between 14 and 17 years, during the summer vacation. The we.lead program involves the participants in a valuable experience that will steer them towards lives of success, build their self-esteem, and help them develop the qualities of a leader. Professional guest trainers and speakers serve along side the Beyond Learning team to help the youths lead themselves, lead with others, and lead with the community.

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Educational & Recreational Trips

If you want to give your students a little more than academics, we organize a range of field trips and extracurricular activities for you. We take the responsibility of providing outings that can develop their character, skills and interests and get them involved in the community. We take the utmost safety measures; yet also ensure that the youngsters enjoy themselves.

Beyond Learning also offers trips and activities for youth and families during weekends & national holidays.