Training, Workshops, & Activities

Beyond learning has proudly supported successful development in schools, universities, organizations, NGOs, and with youth leaders in the MENA region. We design and implement custom training modules, seminars, and workshops that work. Our research and experience are at the forefront of our programs, and enable us to cover many topics with the many audiences in our domain.

Our training programs and workshops vary in topic, length, location, and intensity. They can be divided in to three groups.

Training & workshops for schools’ faculty & staff

  • Customize and apply a number of training programs, workshops, and seminars for your teachers and administration at the school level
  • Hold leadership and professional interventions to enhance the leadership capacity of your educational management
  • Host retreats and workshops for your faculty and staff that are fun, build efficient teams, and foster a sense of community
  • Apply any of our strategic plans and staff training programs to create synergy among your team

These different seminars, modules, and activities encompass a wide range of areas, some of which are:

  • Frames of leadership
  • New roles and challenges for educators
  • Shaping school character
  • Team building and group effort
  • Time and stress management
  • Leadership capacity building
  • Developing a motivated school community


Training & workshops for NGOs, CSOs, & NPOs

  • Host forums, seminars, talks and workshops on a range of issues for members of the community
  • Design and implement training modules and workshops for your staff and volunteers on topics such as:
    • Youth leadership
    • Community involvement
    • Teamwork
    • Strategic planning
    • Life skills and capacity building
    • Helping youth towards citizenship
    • Finding purpose and motivation


Training & workshops for student leaders and youth

  • Help the youth in your community or the students of your school assume the responsibility of leading themselves and creating their own initiatives
  • Inspire young people of character to pursue positive extra-curricular activities and serve their local and regional communities
  • Empower youth and students with the skills and capacities they need to become purposeful individuals and valuable community members
  • Cultivate the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of young leaders surrounding teamwork, leadership, community, and democracy
  • Align your students with your school philosophy and youth with their communities while empowering them to think, plan, act, and lead