we.lead leadership boot-Camp for teens 2017

Introducing we.lead, the first ‪leadership‬ boot camp for ‪teens‬ (14-17 years old) in Lebanon! This new and exciting journey by Beyond Learning for teens between the ages of 14 and 17 combines outdoor fun with personal development and skills training.

After an application and screening process, a small number of eligible youths are selected for the opportunity to spend one week in nature to cultivate the qualities of a leader and team player, whilst fostering personal growth and positive thought patterns. The teens will have fun working to become better citizens who are empowered with self-esteem and the values that guide them towards lives of excellence.

The we.lead program is based on extensive research in established leadership training activities and experience in youth capacity building. Participants interact with themselves, each other, the natural environment, and program mentors to set and accomplish goals. Ultimately, they will internalize the core pillars of we.lead: leading the self, leading with others, and leading the community.

The greatest achievement in holding we.lead will be the promising young leaders that emerge from the program. So who is a young leader after we.lead? He or she:

  • is an active life-long learner
  • is service-oriented
  • has a positive attitude
  • is an open-minded communicator
  • leads a balanced life
  • experiences life as an adventure
  • creates synergy
  • gets creative

This summer, we.lead will be held in the beautiful Deir el Harf in Mount Lebanon at the ‘Pineland’ venue. A natural setting allows participants to better engage with themselves and others. It also provides a challenge, physically and strategically, to navigate and communicate without modern technology. Holding we.lead in nature helps keep away the distractions of modern living, which helps participants focus on their leadership and communication skills.

This year, the 7-day boot camp will run from August 25 till August 31.

Visit we.lead on facebook.com/weleadbootcamp to learn more about participating in this exceptional program for exceptional young people, or give us a call.

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